How much will it cost to replace or put new eyes in my doll?

A: The placing of new eyes in a doll is a common repair, although dolls eyes are not all repaired in the same way. New eyes can range from $30.00 through to $100.00. The cost of such a procedure depends upon several things, for example, the types of eyes that are being used and the method undertaken to set them into a doll's head.

Can my doll's hair be replaced to near original condition?

A: It might be possible to restore a doll's existing wig. However, if the wig is too damaged to restore, the existing hair can be removed and a wig of your choice can be glued into place. See Wigs and Accessories for some examples of our wigs.

My daughter has a soft-bodied vinyl doll that has pen and other marks on its body. Can these marks be removed?

A: We can successfully remove ink and other stains from vinyl. Ink soaks into a vinyl-bodied doll but we can carry out a successful ink-removing procedure that might take up to six weeks to restore the doll to its original condition.

Can you restring the arms and legs on my doll?

A: Any composition, celluloid or hard plastic doll can be successfully restrung. Some vinyl dolls can also be repaired to ensure that the limbs are secured to the body.

How long will it take to replace a wig?

A: We stock a large variety of colours, styles and sizes of wigs and it will take a few hours to replace a wig on any doll.

Can you repair porcelain?

A: We can repair porcelain but it is impossible to carry out completely invisible repairs. As several colours are fired into porcelain a flat and invisible finish can never be achieved. We try our best to match these colours and to acquire the same finish by using touch-up paint if the item is painted.

Do you sell shoes, socks and clothes for dolls?

A: We have a specialist dolly dressmaker—Eve Keech from Yeppoon—who can make any outfit that you desire, in any colour and in any fabric.  We also have reproduction dolls clothes in the shop, original outfits, shoes and socks and all sorts of dolly accessories.